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Discuss Intellivision, Atari, Colecovision, Nintendo, and More! » The Classic Gaming Section » The Classic Gaming Forum » 1983 - In what order did the dominoes topple?

1983 - In what order did the dominoes topple?

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1 1983 - In what order did the dominoes topple? on Sat 13 Jul 2013, 9:37 pm


Has it ever been documented exactly which companies fell and when during the 'Big Crash'?

It is obvious that at some point Mattel washed their collective hands of Intellivision, Coleco decided that Cabbage Patch Dolls had a better future than video game systems and home computers, and other smaller companies like Imagic and Parker Brothers (at least as we knew that company) bit the proverbial dust. But in what order did these dominoes fall, and specifically did the fall of one company lead to the fall of another?

I will venture a guess that at some point during 1983-1984 it reached fever pitch and Wall St. investors started unloading their stocks. Group-feeding mentality set in as nobody wanted to be the last guy off the bus. Surprisingly, we all lived through those years, but my recollection of the 'Crash' is sketchy at best. I think it is because I graduated high school in 1983 and had to concentrate on life. I still had my 2600 and games, but working and girls took more and more of my time. Next thing I knew, it was 1985 and I was getting a NES for Christmas.

Anyone with a good idea of how it all played out?


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Not sure. We know Atari was sold and then released the 7800, Lynx and Jaguar. Mattel spun Intellivision off as a separate division and sold to INTV. Coleco is the red headed step-child. They faded in to history until a few years ago. Some one bought the name and released those cheesy handhelds with the Coleco name. I believe they were all around till the late 1980's, maybe even early 1990's.

Activision bought out Imagic.

I believe Hasbro or Milton Bradley bought Parker Brothers. Milton Bradley is probably a part of Hasbro now.


I'm not sure either. The collapse was also a North American problem and not something that affected other markets (i.e., Europe).

Going to the final frontier...gaming!


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